There Are No Words

Why can’t I write about what means the most to me

Kerry Kramer
3 min readJan 27, 2024


An open blank book with a pencil placed across the page.
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There are some things I think about, and talk about, but can’t write about.

I can’t write about my family.

There are no words to adequately describe what it felt like to hold my first baby in my arms, a sweet baby girl.

Trying to put pen to paper to explain the joy I felt hearing the words “it’s a boy” when our second baby was born, is impossible.

Nobody told me how much I would love these babies of mine. I search for a word to define a mother’s love, but there are none.

Looking at my babies in their cribs often took my breath away. How do you describe that?

I can’t write about my mom or grandma.

It’s been difficult for me to convey what they meant to me. How they influenced me, for better or worse. It’s too hard, too complicated, so I put my pen down and walk away.

I keep trying.

I sit down at the computer with my favorite cup filled to the brim with my morning coffee. I have my stuffed kitty by my side and I’m still in my comfy pj’s. It’s been cold lately so the fireplace has been running steadily. I’m surrounded by my favorite books with my seasonal…



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